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Welcome to one of the few places that you can spend Money For Money, and still get something to show for it! Collecting Rare Coins has Rules, the First of which is to Know Your Grade! Collect Only Certified and Graded Coins, and Eliminate the Disagreements over Grade, Don't Lose Money, and Don't Get Cheated. You are to be Congratulated for "making it" to this web site. Your Coin Collecting Abilities are Already a Step Above the Rest.

The Perfect-Coin gives You the Great Opportunity to Get in the Habit of Collecting Certified, Graded and Slabbed Coins, because doing so Adds Value, Protection and Appreciation to your Collection! Certified coins also sell to bigger audiences (a bigger demand), sell better and faster, and sell at higher prices. "Slabbed" coins are Put into Protective Holders (“slabs”) – to Keep Your Coin Safe, and from Damage; and to Maintain the coin's Value. Certified and Graded Coins Establish Value and Create Appreciation - Increases in Value over Time. Of course, using a reliable and respected grading company is the key - NGC, PCGS, ICG and ANACS. You can Upgrade or Sell a Graded and Certified Coin Much Easier, Because there is No Question about the Grade. There is more demand than for a "raw" ungraded coin. Buyers don't want to get Cheated, and so, feel they can rely on a professional grade, by a reputable company. A coin without a Grade is Subject to Question about its Value, and Someone Will Lose Money.

Certified Coins Make a "Perfect" Investment!

There are other ways of growing your investment portfolio. We're fans of this guide on how to find the best online stock brokers, courtesy of The Motley Fool. Here are some other ways you can invest:

• Liquidity, Security, and Appreciation
• Price Determination Certainty
• Enhanced Resale Value
• Pride of Ownership
• Inflation Protection and Hedge
• IRA & 401K
• Retirement Fund o College Fund
• Substitute Savings Account
• Future Nest Egg
• Gifts with Added Value
• For Yourself Anytime!

Collecting Certified Coins Is Investing!

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Buy Your Perfect Coin Here!

Featuring An Exceptional Quality of Perfect US Coins - Certified and Graded by The Best - NGC, PCGS, ICG & ANACS

Collecting Rare and Modern US Coins is Taken to a Higher Level, where You will find an Extraordinary Selection and Value.

At The Perfect-Coin you will find a coin that fits your collection - in which case it is a "PERFECT" coin, for you. We also have a large number of truly PERFECT coins - marked "70" - MS&) for perfect Mint State Coins, and PR70 or PF70 for perfect Proof Coins. It works that way because the measuring or grading scale runs from 0 to 70.

• Rare and Modern US Coins
• Regular Issue US Coins from 1938 to present
• ALL Coins Are Certified and Graded by NGC,  PCGS, ICG, or ANACS
• Established Guarantees
• Fast, Safe and SSL Secure Check Out using PayPal

Also to be found are Lots of Common Coins not usually Offered For Sale, after being Certified and Graded. The type of coins that just "break even" so that there is no profit. Grab what You can NOW, for there may be None Left Tomorrow.

The Modern Coins are the Lincoln, Jefferson, Roosevelt, Washington and Kennedy. The Dollars Available, at are: Morgan, Peace, Eisenhower, American Silver Eagle, Susan B Anthony, Sacagawea, and Presidential.If You Don’t Find the EXACT Coin You Want – Send Us An Email!

Your Coins are Guaranteed by NGC, PCGS, ICG & ANACS:

• To Be Authentic
• To Be Identified Correctly
• To Have an Accurate Grade

New! For The Beginner and Veteran Collector - Starter Coins!

Sharp, Clean, BU, and Certified Coins - At Less than $10 per coin!

Just for the Beginner Starting a Coin Collection; and for the Seasoned Collector who just Needs to Fill a Void in a Great Collection. Beautiful coins that are Individually Certified, and Slabbed. They are BU and above; but because they are Graded Incorrectly, They are Priced Low. I have sent many of these coins in to be Graded by PCGS and NGC, and the results are generally MS63 to MS68 and to PR69. Teriffic Sharp, Clean coins!

The Only Place on the Web where You Can Buy Every Regular Issue US Coin from 1960 to 2000. If You Don't See It - email Us.
Need to Fill A "Hole" in Your Collection? You Can Find It Here.

Beginning Coin Collecting


What is the Grade of Your Coin? Since one Grade can mean the loss of Your Investment, the Grade of Your coin, whether being bought or sold is crucial. Selling Too Low because the Grade is Too Low? You Lose Money. Buying Too High, because the Grade is Exagerated? You Lose Money. Most importantly, you did not get what you wanted, or what you paid for.  Knowing the True Grade is is the First Rule of Coin Collecting!

Collecting Coins that have been Professionally Certified, Graded and Slabbed is, perhaps, the most Important Application of this Rule. Following this Rule will allow you to Avoid the many Disagreements and Arguments, and keep You from Loosing Money.

The money you save from Not Paying too much for an unGraded (raw) or improperly Graded Coin, will Keep the Value and Worth of Your Coin Collection High. Likewise, Loosing Money on a coin you are Selling because of a Disagreement or Argument over its Grade, is probably more difficult to "swallow", but just as Costly. Buying Coins that are Certified and Graded by the "Top Four" - PCGS, NGC, ICG and ANACS - is the Best Way to Establish a High Value - a Reliable Value - Avoid the Arguments and Disagreements over Grade, and make Coin Collecting Profitable. Buying Raw Coins is Dangerous to Your Wallet! Anyone can send in their coins for Certification and Grading.

The Advantage is Accuracy.
The advantage of owning a coin Certified and Graded by PCGS, NGC, ICG, or ANACS becomes more Obvious with the recent addition of over a dozen New companies in the Professional Grading Field - whose Grading Policies are Not yet  established, not yet reputable and reliable, or whose policies are set Lower than the Grading Standards Set by the ANA (American Numismatic Association). Many of these companies intentionally set a Lower grading Standard. This enables them to sell a MS65 coin as MS66 or MS67. The result? They Win and You Loose Money!

Common Dates and Hidden Jewels.
In addition to the "Hidden" Jewels you will find on this web site, there are many Common coins and dates. Yet, this alone is a Great Benefit to you. Few common coins and dates are ever professionally Certified and Graded because it is not profitable. Common Date Coins are therefore rarely sent in for Grading. This makes them very Hard to Find, and hence even More Valuable.

Price Guides are Based on Grade.
Enjoy Browsing and Enjoy what you see, because I am sure that you will Enjoy and Appreciate what You Buy. All Price Guides are Based on the Grade of the Coin. You Can't Look It Up Without Knowing the Grade! The Prices you see at ThePerfect-Coin.Com, are Based on the Grade, the Price is established using the PCGS Price Guide - - but almost any price guide will do the job. Even the lowest priced coin has an Enhanced Value, when Certified and Graded by PCGS, NGC, ICG or ANACS as Compared to the same coin in a "Flip", that is raw, or Graded by a Company with Low or No Grading Standards.

Prove this to Yourself
Try Selling one coin Graded by one of the Top Four and another of the same coin Graded by a "lower standard" company. Tell your Buyer that the Grade Is the Same for Each Coin, and Ask them What they would be Willing to Pay you for Each coin. The Top Four Certified coin will always be Preferred, and Your Buyer will Always Pay more for it; and for Good Reason, they Know it Has a Higher Value; they Know it Has been Graded Accurately; and they know that they won't get cheated!