Robert J. Taylor

A retired Lawyer from Denver, Colorado, now living in Southern Arizona, who has had a Passion for Collecting US Coins since the Age of 6. Sharing this Passion with You, and Providing an Opportunity for You to Buy Exceptional Coins at the Same Time.


"Time is more value than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time."

~ Jim Rohn

Purpose and Mission

Honesty and Integrity are of First Importance to the Successfully Practice Law, and those values are applied to this web site. Good Values are of Utmost Importance in Our Personal Lives, as well as in Business. This concept is also applied to the Web Site.

I could not say no to an opportunity to acquire a large number of very High Quality, Exceptional, US Coins which I could offer to others that are struggling to fill out their Fine Certified Coin Collection. This is an extraordinary opportunity for the Beginner as well as the Expert.

These coins are unusual because they are of very high quality, but also are of denominations that are difficult to find, and in more uncommon grades; especially when searching for Professionally Certified and Graded coins. Many of these types of coins are often never or rarely, Certified and Graded.

This makes the selections that are offered on ThePerfect-Coin.com and on PerfectDollarCoins.com, unique; unless you are able to collect loose coins of very high quality, and can afford to have them Certified and Graded by PCGS, NGC, ICG or ANACS on your own.

Comming Soon!
"The Secrets of Coin Collecting For Beginners"

A very affordable Series of Lessons, or Rules to Follow, in eMail format, to help you get started on the Right Foot (or Get Back on the Right Foot), to Stop Wasting Time and Money, and to Start Collecting a Fine Coin Collection that will have Real Value Now, and well into the Future!

Its Here!

Coin Books and Magazines that You can Read and Add to Your Collection; such as Coin Collecting for Dummies by Ron Guth, the President of PCGS.
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